Deadpool and Siryn

One of my fellow The Call of the Flame: An Audio Play voice actors, HyperVoiceActing asked me to channel my “Bri” voice into the Xmen/XForce character “Siryn” for his most recent “Deadpool” motion comic. Here are the results (Watch Video)! Was fun, thanks for having me, Steven:)
#vo #motioncomic #marvel #voiceacting #comics

Was fun, thanks for having me, Steven:)
#vo #motioncomic #marvel #voiceacting #comics

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MAGfest “EFCaA” slides

Did you miss our MAGFest talk “Engaging Fandoms: Crafting for Audiences”? Never fear! You can view our presentation slides at this handy link. Thank you, all who attended and to my fabulous co-hosts Liz Rishel and Marjorie Rishel. We had a great audience, full of excellent followup discussion points.
#Magfest2019 #writing #opera #narrative #filk #gameaudio

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OMEGA: A Tribute to Xenogears gets it’s choir on!

Had the pleasure of singing on five tracks on “OMEGA: A Tribute to Xenogears”, a new music release from The Materia Collective. Get the album, and/or individual tracks, today on Bandcamp,  iTunes, or Spotify.
Press Release at TheEgg #xenogears #gameaudio
Vocal credits (soprano and/or alto): Continue reading

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Mad King and Density 512

One more concert left in my December crunch! Catch the contemporary and modern madrigal-ness that is ” Mad King” with contemporary chamber ensemble Density512 today at Big Medium in East Austin. Highlights of our set include the Lenore d’Este motets from Musica quinque vocum and Alex Bumpas in the role of King George III in Peter Maxwell Davies’ Eight Songs for a Mad KingContinue reading

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See Yinz at GDC 2019!

Happy to announce that I will be speaking again at GDC, the Game Developers Conference, in 2019!!! I will be joining a star-studded team of speakers,Penka KounevaEmmanuel LagumbayMatthew MarteinssonJohn Robert Matz, and Eri Escámez Farley, as we bring our popular GSC panel series “From Trumpets to Transients” into a new microtalk format! gameaudio conference

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MAGfest 2019 – Engaging Fandoms

We are excited to announce that three Super Smash Opera founding members, Liz Rishel,
Marjorie Rishel, and I will be speaking at MAGFest this January! Catch our talk “Engaging Fandoms: Crafting Stories for an Established Audience” on Sunday, January 6th, 2019 at 9:30am in room Panels 1: Continue reading

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PAX South 2019 – Music to Your Ears

Exited to announce I will be speaking at PAX South 2019 on the panel “Music to Your Ears: Why is This Game’s Soundtrack So Good?” with fellow experts Emily E. Meo, Nathaniel Chambers and Jeff McMillen. We’ll see yinz all / y’all in #SanAntonio in January!!! #gameaudio #convention #panel #pax

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“I’m Called Little Buttercup…”

Excited to announced I have been cast as “Buttercup” in the 2019 March production of “H.M.S. Pinafore” in concert with Gilbert and Sullivan Austin! Save the date, March 2nd and 3rd, to watch me take on this wacky and fun character in one of Gilbert and Sullivan’s most popular operas!
opera operetta musical women music

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The Power of Musical Fandom – Muskogee

I’m venturing to Ooooooooklahoma this weekend to attend the first annual Muskogee MiniCon at the Muskogee Public Library! Looking forward to being part of the panel “THE POWER OF MUSICAL FANDOM” this Saturday with two of my fellow Materia Collective community arrangers / performers, Nathaniel Chambers and Jeremy Harris Jones! Continue reading

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GameSoundCon: Return of “Trumpets to Transients”

Returning to one of my favorite conferences, GameSoundCon, this week for the return of our panel discussion:“Trumpets to Transients: A Composer’s Guide to Sound Design”. I am joined again by #gameaudio folk Emmanuel Lagumbay, Brad Beaumont (Riot Games), and  John Robert Matz, and welcoming our newest panelist, Matthew Marteinsson (Klei Entertainment), of “Don’t Starve” fame! Our panel is this Weds, October 10th, at 10:15am PST on the “Game Audio Essentials” track!

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