Cryptic Canticles: Dracula Radioplay

May 3rd is the beginning of Jonathan Harker’s journey in Bram Stoker’s classic novel, Dracula. Follow along with us as we tell the story in ‘real time’, each episode posted on the date that it happens in the book!  Starring a fab cast of voice actors who I am honored to call my friends and colleagues:)Follow our #DraculaRadioplay podcast series via The Cryptic Canticles ‘Dracula’ page, itunes, and more for this unique auditory experience.

The Materia Collective

The Materia Collective is a community of performers and cover artists arranging soundtracks under the leadership of Loudr’s Sebastian Wolff. So far I have been an arranger and performer all but one of our albums to date (missed Ori):

My Materia bio page and list of published credits

The Bwak Choir

During the first The Materia Collective I arranged “Waltz de Chocobo” for a fictional group of puppet chickens. We called them “The Bwak Choir” and soon demand grew for more! We made a teaser music video, then a real full music video, followed by more video game music arrangements. The Bwak Choir has a mind of its own now, and therefore they have a website, a Twitter, and a Facebook presence:)

Don Giovanni the Bram Stoker Dracula Edition

Mozart’s classic opera Don Giovanni is coming to Undercroft Opera, but with a vampire twist! I worked hard for two months with Liz Rishel, Michael Greenstein, Gwendolyn R. Schmidt and Mary Beth Sederburg crafting a new libretto based on the story and characters from Bram Stoker’s Dracula! In addition to helping write the show, I am also covering the role of “Zerlina” (aka. “Lucy” from the book) and playing one of the “Three Vampire Brides”.  WORLD PREMIERE of our new libretto will be May 26th-29th at the Antonian Theatre in Pittsburgh, PA. Tickets currently on sale

Super Smash Opera

Super Smash Opera is a classical opera and video game mashup/parody which premiered on January 23rd, 2015 at MAGfest. “A legendary cast of characters sing their way through a fighting tournament that determines the hero of the next game franchise in this comic cabaret of opera’s best-known songs, performed by a troupe of classically-trained game lovers.” We have since performed at Confluence (July 25, 2015), Replay FX (August 1st, 2015), and are returning to MAGfest Feb 19th, 2016 with our new “Orchestra Edition” featuring a community orchestra and chorus to back us up! Twitter – facebook Youtube –  Soundcloud

Evenings in Quarantine: “The Zombie Opera

The Zombie Opera is an original multimedia, musical and theatrical production co-created by Elizabeth Rishel and myself. Conceived in 2009, EIQ had three successful runs; Greybox Theater (Fall 2010), Chatham’s Eddy Theater (Spring 2011), and Kelly-Strayhorn Theaters (Fall 2011). Studio Album and Premiere “Bootleg” Album now on iTunes and Twitter – facebook 

Video Games and Interactives

Bonnie has worked on soundtracks and sound design for a variety of video games and interactive experiences. To learn more see the Video Game Audio section.


Older works including “Cusswords and Fire”, “Sushi There Is None”, the “Sweet Tooth Stratagem”, “Geeks IRL” and  more coming soon!

Personal Awards

  • Game Audio Network Guild Awards – Best Original Vocal Song – Pop (2017)
  • Heinz Small Arts Initiative Grant – for “The Zombie Opera” (2010)
  • Sprout Fund Seed Award – for “The Zombie Opera” (2010)
  • Duquesne University Outstanding Music Tech Student Award (2004)
  • Vladimir Bakaleinikoff Scholarship  (2003)
  • EDSF Board of Directors Scholarship  (2003-2004)

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