Voice Acting

Singing and Vocal Performance page 
Voice SoundCloud Demos – Voice123 Profile/Demos – Voices.com/Demos

Video Games

Audio Drama / Radioplay

  • “Hereafter” – Midnight Disease Productions – “Driver”, “Woman 5” (in production)
  • “Libby’s Hands: Blood Noir podcast” – ParaXRadioNetwork – “Narrator” (in production)
  • “Help Wanted: Blood Noir podcast” – ParaXRadioNetwork – “Maria” (in production)
  • “Ouija Board” – Studio Severn – “Jane Harrington”
  • “The Call of the Flame” – TCOFT – “Bri”
  • “The New Adventures of Red Riding Hood” – Studio Severn – “Clank”
  • Dracula Radioplay“  – Cryptic Canticles – “Mina Murray-Harker”

Animation / Dubbing

Recording Artist/ Soundtracks:

  • Yoku’s Island Express – choral work on game soundtrack
  • Frostbound – vocal solo work on game soundtrack
  • Annihilator – vocal solo and atmospheric work on game soundtrack
  • I Expect You to Die – vocal solo work on game soundtrack
  • Materia Collective – over 25 tracks of solo and choral work on video game tributes, arrangements, and compolitions (full list here (scroll down past bio) https://www.materiacollective.com/artist/bonnie_bogovich)

Other Mentions:

  • NOTE: For a more detailed music/singing list, visit my Singing/Vocal Performance Page)
  • Game Audio Network Guild Awards – NOMINEE “Best Original Song” w “I Expect You To Die” (2017)
  • 2017 – vocalist in Devolver Digital conference music segments
  • 2017 – singing cat in “Catastrophe” musical number for game “Cat Sorter VR”
  • 2015-current Vocalist and Chorister – Materia Collective album series
  • 2000-2004 Duquesne University Concert Choir and Electronic Chamber Ensemble
  • July 2012 “Without a Hitch” Pittsburgh 48 Hour Film Project. Cameo role of “Singing Soccer Mom”
  • 2007-2008 Krone, Symphonic Metal Opera recording project – Soloist and chorus vocal score arranger
  • June 2007 “I Feel Fantastic”, Jonathan Coulton, Music Video – editor and role of “Pretty Girl at Pharmacy”

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