Testimonials and Recommendations

Quotes include show highlights from my Linked In Recommendations:

“Bonnie is an excellent sound designer and composer who created a tremendous diversity of high quality content for Schell Games. Feel free to contact me if you have any questions about Bonnie!”
Jesse Schell, CEO of Schell Games

“I worked with Bonnie when she was recommended by a colleague to do some freelance sound design and create SFX for an adventure game project at What Pumpkin Studios. [Phase 2 of ‘HIVESWAP’] She did wonderful work, taking direction and feedback very well while also infusing each piece with her own ingenuity and creativity. She was able to create very high-quality, unique sounds with a lot of personality that were a great fit for our project—and within limited budget and time constraints. Aside from the excellent work she produced, Bonnie was just a delight to work with, and I’m looking forward to collaborating with her again in the future.”  
Jess Haskins, Designer, Paperback Studios

I have performed on several of Bonnie’s arrangements. She always makes the recording process very easy by providing well-made guide tracks and instructions against which to record. Having recorded for a variety of different arrangers in the past, her organization and attention to detail are always very much appreciated.
Ian Martyn, Media Consultant

Bonnie Bogovich is one of the most creative-minded, multi-talented composers and sound designers I’ve ever had the privilege of working with. Her dedication, eye for detail, and raw talent for all things audio make her an amazing person to have on your team, but her communications skills, boundless optimism and enthusiasm, and ability to organize and marshal diverse groups of people towards a common artistic goal make her invaluable. Working alongside Bonnie is always a pleasure, and I ever look forward to seeing what her next project might be.
John Robert Matz, Freelance Composer

“Bonnie is the Sound Desginer you’re looking for. I admire her flexibility, organizational skills, attention to detail, high energy, and ability to interpret feedback from the team and turn it into actionable tasks.She managed to balance the constant changes that came with being at the end of the development pipeline, with the fact that she was tackling multiple projects at once within the studio, being the only sound designer at that time.It was very enjoyable working with Bonnie and I hope to get the opportunity to do so again.”
Jan Stec, Senior Game Designer, Toys for Bob / Activision

“I’ve worked with Bonnie across several projects and one thing has remained consistent: She always puts her best self forward, and she’ll put in the time to make it so. On Happy Atoms, our most recent project together, she stepped up and pushed for our project to adopt Wwise. It was the first project in the studio to use it, and she was at the forefront of working with one of our programmers to set it up and use it for all of our game’s audio. Given the nature of project work at our studio, she was often split between so many projects, meaning our time working together came in bursts. With that known, she did everything she could to maximize that time spent with the project. I’m confident she will bring her optimism, work ethic, and dedication to her next project.”
Yotam Haimberg, Game Director at Schell Games

“Bonnie is one of the best in the field. If I am in need of anything, whether it be vocals, mixing/mastering assistance or arranging a song, she is always there to help. Her ability to pay attention to every little detail makes the creative process so much smoother and seemingly effortless. It is always a pleasure working with her!”
Johnathan Montoya, Audio and Voiceover Casting, Sound Ape

“First things first, I miss working with Bonnie. She’s versatile, multi skilled in vocal recording, music composition, and audio design, and able to create in a variety off styles. She takes criticism well and is proactive, ready to offer valuable feedback and advice during audio and game-wide discussions. Bonnie was also responsible and successful at finding and bringing on additional audio talent at Schell (including both temp and full time positions). If the situation ever presents itself in the future, I would hire or be excited to work with Bonnie again!”
Ben Greene, Art Director at Velan Studios, Inc

“I have sung with Bonnie for many years at ELPC and Renaissance City Choir. She is always highly energized and motivated, and she pays attention to details. She has a great sense of humor as well, and her smile is contagious to everyone around her. I always look forward to singing with her!”
Gwen Schmidt, Technical Engineer, Wombat

“Bonnie is one of the most talented, passionate, and charming individual I have had the pleasure of working with. On the projects we were on, she showed nothing less than pitch perfect audio design and was often a key contributor in the systems that would take the game to a higher level. She would be at the front of any quality improvements the studio could do as well as the first to explore other available tools could be brought in to make processes easier. When the volatile process of game development would change requirements, she was always flexible and could iterate on changes that the team required with excellent results. She is a positive influence on whatever team she is on.“
Steven Ramirez, Architect at Zynga

Bonnie’s best quality is her willingness to approach every problem and task with levity and optimism. Even when something seems difficult to overcome, she was always the person in the room willing to put the work in and smile while doing it. She always had honest feedback for my voice work, and never just accepted something mediocre. She pushed me to be the best voice actor I could be and never settled. She has a great mind for design which made her easy to work with when it came to gameplay sound design. She understood the needs of a story and narrative, which helped create the perfect music and SFX for every game we worked on together. I appreciated her professionalism and the speed with which she finished her work, and I know she’ll bring that with her on her next project.”
Jared Mason, Narrative Designer at Schell Games

Bonnie is a super talented audio artist. She has a knack for distilling down the soul of a game and imbuing it into the soundtrack and overall audio design. Also willing to experiment with different recording techniques to create unique and compelling aural experiences. In addition, she’s always willing to learn new technology and tools to help make her work better, faster and of a higher quality. I would welcome the opportunity to work with Bonnie again in any capacity. She is a team player and a champion of every project she’s involved in. To put it simply, Bonnie is amazing at what she does!”
Tom Quitoni, Project Management/QA Manager, Schell Games

“Working with Bonnie at Schell Games was a great experience. She was very patient while teaching me about proper in-engine audio implementation. Over the course of a few days, she taught me the pipelines for using both third party tools and Schell’s own propriety tech to insert and associate sound effects for dynamic content. It really was a pleasure working with her and I would have no hesitation doing so again in the future.”
Brian Fasten, Artist at Epic Games

(commenting on writing the Dracula libretto for Undercroft Opera’s production of Don Giovanni)…”I know the level of outstanding talents putting this production together, from wonderful directors, singers, and musicians to beautiful costumes and stunning backdrop projections! The originality of much of the libretto in no way lessens the power of Mozart’s music (“the music is king”) as stage director Sarah Young emphasizes and audiences are in for such an engaging, not to be missed experience!”
Charles Young, comment on Pittsburgh City Paper article

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