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Voice Acting

  • Oct 2018  “Zoo Academy”/”Zoo U” – Centervention
    • “Ms. Daisy”
  • Sept 2018 ““Pathfinder: Kingmaker” – Paizo & Owlcat Games
    • ‘Divine Chants’
  • August 2018 “Ouija Board” audio drama short by Studio Severn
    • “Jane Harrington” – lead
  • July 2018 “The Call of the Flame” radio play
    • “Bri” – lead role
  • June 2018 “The New Adventures of Red Riding Hood” by Studio Severn
    • “Clank” the ‘evil and sarcastic’ robot
  • June 2018 unannounced projects with Kingsile Entertainment
    • multiple roles, info to be updated after release
  • May 2018 ZombiED”, game with zinWorks Studios
    • zombie females (idles, attacks, deaths)
  • Feb 2018 “Cat Sorter VR” – Pawmigo Games
    • singing cat in soundtrack
  • Jan 2018 Super Smash Opera presents “Aria Kart” with live orchestra
    • “Captain Falcon”and “Wario” and animal noises for “Piranha Plant”
  • Jan 2018, “Ferratum Canada” tv/youtube commercial
    • VoiceOver/Narrative
  • Dec 2017, “Dresden Files: Card game for tablet”
    • vocal sounds used in UI
  • August 2017 – current,  “Aqua” aka “Amplify Reading” with Amplify Education
    • narrator/teacher voice and critter sounds for educational series
  • July 2017 “Aven Colony” by Mothership Entertainment
    • voice of various buildings announcement systems
  • June 2017 (release tba) “Spy DNA” by Shy Snake Games
    • “Zoe Komarova, call sign ‘Skeeter’”
  • April 2017 Pugmire (audio adventure game) (Earplay site)
    • “One Eyed Molly the Cat Spy” and “Female Puppy”
  • March 2017 Cryptic Canticles presents “Dracula Radioplay (Audio-drama series)
    • “Mina Murray-Harker” and extra/crowd and NPC sounds in 109 episodes
  • Jan – current 2017 Little Big Animation (youtube video game parody series)
    • “Yetka”, “Demon Spider Boss”, “Batgirl”, “Snow White”
  • Dec 2016 “I Expect You To Die” (VR Game)
  • Oct 2016 Happy Atoms (ipad Educational Game)
    • “female scientist” aka “Andee”
  • May 2016 (release tba) “HIVESWAP”/”the Homestuck Adventure Game”
    • various creatures and monsters for phase 2 of game creation with WhatPumpkin NYC
  • Oct 2015 “Nullpoint” – unshipped title (trailer w voice)
    • “Dr. Winters”/Trailer Narrator and female battle sounds
  • April 2015 “Water Bears” (video game for mobile –trailer)
    • ‘WaterBears’/Tardigrades emotes
  • 2014-2015 World of Lexica / Inklings / Mukashi Mukashi
    • trailer and game demo narration
  • 2013 “Artie’s Artery Adventure” – Global Game Jam
    • “Artie the Guinea Pig”
  • 2011 “Innercube” (video game for Mac/PC – video example)
    • “the Computer”
  • 2008-2011 KIT Solutions (training video series)
    • voice guide and pre-recorded instructor

 (VO reel and audio samples – mp3s)
(My SoundCloud Playlists)

Recording Artist/ Soundtracks:

  • Yoku’s Island Express – choral work on game soundtrack
  • Frostbound – vocal solo work on game soundtrack
  • Annihilator – vocal solo and atmospheric work on game soundtrack
  • I Expect You to Die – vocal solo work on game soundtrack
  • Materia Collective – over 25 tracks of solo and choral work on video game tributes, arrangements, and compolitions (full list here (scroll down past bio) https://www.materiacollective.com/artist/bonnie_bogovich)

Singing Roles

  • Jan 2018 Super Smash Opera presents “Aria Kart” with live orchestra
    • “Captain Falcon”, “Wario”, “Piranha Plant” singing classical music by Straus, Gilbert and Sullivan, and Puccini
  • May 2016 Don Giovanni in the style of Bram Stoker’s Dracula, Undercroft Opera
    • “Zerlina” cover, “Vampire Bride” supernumerary, libretto co-writer
  • Feb 2016 SUCCESSOR: Final Fantasy VIII Remixed, The Materia Collective
    • “Ultimecia” in the track “CASTLE: A Rock Opera”
  • Jan 2015 Super Smash Opera (MAGFest Premiere), Bogovich/Rishel Production
    • “Jigglypuff”, “Link”, “Ice Climber”
  • July 2014 Parallax Zone, Parallax Players for Confluence Scifi Conference
    • “Mary Poppins”, “Arronax”, “Lady Sybil”
  • March 2014 Utopia Limited (Pgh Premiere), Pittsburgh Savoyards G&S
    • “Princess Kalyba”
  • October 2013 Princess Ida, Pittsburgh Savoyards, G&S
    • “Lady Psyche”
  • Jan 2013 Biblical Broadway, East Liberty Presbyterian, various
    • “Eve”
  • May 2012 Scenes “Streetcar Named Desire”, Andre Previn, Community House
    • “Stella”
  • May 2011 Dido and Aeneas, Purcell, Renaissance City Choir & Chatham Baroque
    • “Echo Quartet”
  • 2009-2011 Evenings in Quarantine: The Zombie Opera, Bogovich/Rishel Prod
    • “Ronnie”

Opera Ensemble and Large Choral Works:

  • Sept ’18 – Patience in Concert with Gilbert and Sullivan Austin
  • June ’18 – Ruddigore with Gilbert and Sullivan Austin
  • May ’18 – G&S Mystery Theater with Gilbert and Sullivan Austin
  • Winter ’17 – Lux Aeterna with Chorus Austin
  • May 2016 Don Giovanni the Dracula Edition, Mozart and Bram Stoker, performed for Undercroft Opera with original libretto by Bogovich (me), Rishel, Sederberg, and Greenstein
  • May 2014 The Magic Flute, Mozart, Undercroft Opera
  • June 2013 Carmen, Bizet, Undercroft Opera
  • Feb 2013 Singing City, Mahler, Verdi and Priano with the Pittsburgh Symphony
  • Sept 2012 Yeomen of the Guard, Gilbert and Sullivan, Pittsburgh Savoyards
  • Aug 2012 Riders to the Sea, Ralph Vaughan Williams, Microscopic Opera
  • July 2012 Susannah, Carlisle Floyd, Undercroft Opera
  • March 2012 Pirates of Penzance, Gilbert and Sullivan, Pittsburgh Savoyards
  • July 2011 Marriage of Figaro, Mozart, Undercroft Opera
  • Oct 2009 Gravity + Grace, (World Premiere), Frank Ferraro & Stephen Pellegrino

Concerts and Recitals (ensemble unless otherwise noted):

  • Winter ’17 – “On a Winters Eve” with Chorus Austin
  • Fall ‘16-Spring ‘17 Duquesne University’s “University Singers” – Alumni Chorus – winter and spring semesters
  • April 2016 “Women of Song: Morning, Noon & Night“, Whitacre, Mozart, and more, Women of Song ensemble of the Pittsburgh School for Choral Arts
  • Dec 2015 Renaissance City Choir Alumni Concert, Renaissance City Choirs
  • April 2014 “Twitterpated” Voice Recital, Menotti, Mozart, and more
  • March 2013 East End Choral Festival, Britten, Thompson and Finzi, East End combined choirs
  • Feb 2013 Singing City, Mahler, Verdi and Priano with Renaissance City Choirs & Pittsburgh Symphony
  • Dec 2012 Christmas Oratorio, Camille Saint-Saëns, East Liberty Festival Chorus – soloist
  • Oct 2012 “Autumnal” Voice Recital, Mozart, Dowland, Handel and Verdi – soloist
  • July 2012 GALA Choir Festival in Denver, CO, w Renaissance City Choirs
  • 2010-2012 Potluck Opera(s), seasonal, Undercroft Opera – soloist
  • Oct 2011 The Planets, “Neptune” Movt; Holst, Renaissance City Womens Choir & Edgewood Symphony
  • Nov 2009 A Sea Symphony, Ralph Vaughan Williams, East Liberty Festival Chorus

 (VO reel and audio samples – mp3s)
(My SoundCloud Playlists)

Other Mentions:

  • 2017 – vocalist in Devolver Digital conference music segments
  • 2017 – singing cat in “Catastrophe” musical number for game “Cat Sorter VR”
  • 2015-current Vocalist and Chorister – Materia Collective album series
  • 2007-2013 Soprano 1 Section leader, chorister and soloist, Renaissance City Choirs
  • 2006-2014 Soprano 2 Section leader for 2009-2013, chorister and soloist, East Liberty Presbyterian Church
  • 2000-2004 Duquesne University Concert Choir and Electronic Chamber Ensemble
  • July 2012 “Without a Hitch” Pittsburgh 48 Hour Film Project. Cameo role of “Singing Soccer Mom”
  • 2007-2008 Krone, Symphonic Metal Opera recording project – Soloist and chorus vocal score arranger
  • June 2007 “I Feel Fantastic”, Jonathan Coulton, Music Video – editor and role of “Pretty Girl at Pharmacy”

Vocal Instructor:

  • Studied operatic voice with Undercroft Opera Aristic Director Mary Beth Sederberg 2011 – 2017

Music Resume PDF version – last updated July 2016


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