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* Games with awards/nominations (list of awards etc at bottom of page)

Listed below are games and projects I have worked on, broken down by company and/or studio. Anything under NDA is not listed currently, for obvious reasons.

BlackCatBonifide LLC

Audio and Vocal Artist/Owner
What the ear needs; sound effects, music, voice, implementation, and sometimes zombies!

  • “Spy DNA” – 2017
    • Voice actor (role of “Zoe”) for Shy Snake Productions
  • “Stop, Thief!” By Restoration Games
    • sound design for audio upgrade of classic game through company Hidden Achievement
  • “Foos: Pet Care” – 2017
    • Voice Actor – “animals and creatures” through audio production house Moonwalk Audio
  • “Lingrove”  by Future Network Solutions – 2011
    • word puzzle game for Android, music composition
    • Grid 12
      • music for year 1 dev tests via Jetbolt Games

Schell Games LLC

Lead Audio from 2011- 2016 for a variety of interactive toys, video games, amusement park exhibits, virtual reality experiences and educational media. Responsibilities include sound design, music composition and arranging, vocal recording/coaching, foley artist, audio asset implementation, and voice artist (creature and human). Projects include:

The Materia Collective

The Materia Collective is a community of performers and cover artists arranging soundtracks under the leadership of Loudr’s Sebastian Wolff. So far I have been an arranger and performer all but one of our albums to date (missed Ori):

My Materia bio page and list of published credits

Global Game Jam: Pittsburgh


* Video Game Awards and Nominations

  • Intel Game Development Showcase – Best Overall Game – “Outpost Delta” (2017)
  • Game Audio Network Guild Awards – NOMINEE “Best Original Song” w “I Expect You To Die” (2017)
  • Vision Summit – Vision Inspire Award “I Expect You To Die” (2016)
  • Unity Awards – Nominee Best VR Experience “I Expect You To Die” (2015)
  • Proto Awards – Best Interactive Design “I Expect You To Die” (2015)
  • Proto Awards – Best Gameplay “I Expect You To Die” (2015)
  • Proto Awards – Best Overall VR Experience “I Expect You To Die” (2015)
  • International Serious Play Awards – gold medal “World of Lexica” (2015)
  • International Serious Play Awards – gold medal “Water Bears” (2015)
  • CREATE Award winner- Entertainment, Film & Digital Media – “World of Lexica” – (2015)
  • Children’s Technology Review – Editor’s Choice, Excellence in Design – “Water Bears” (2015)
  • International Serious Play Awards – gold medal “Inklings” (2014)
  • DATA Award Winner – “Daniel Tiger’s Neighborhood/Tea Party” (2014)
  • International Serious Play Awards – gold medal “Play Forward: Elm City Stories” (2013)
  • Best Open Web Game sponsored by the Mozilla Foundation – “Guinea Pig, Guinea Pig” (2013)
  • International Serious Play Awards – silver medal “Tunnel Tail” (2013)
  • Science Media Awards/Jackson Hole Wildlife Film Festival (JHWFF) – Finalist – “Race for the Beach” (2012)
  • Global Game Jam Pgh – Audience Choice Award 2nd Place – “Creator” (2012)

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