Materia Collective Memories x16

In October, 2015 we released the very first Materia Collective collaborative album, “MATERIA: Final Fantasy VII Remixed”. According to my MC artist bio page I have since collaborated on over 16 albums with the label, many of which are over 3 discs in size. Wowza! It has been an amazing experience so far working with such amazingly talented people, singers, lyricists, pianists, brass, orchestrators… I can’t even list all the skillsets that make up our ‘Collective”! Much love, warm music tribute fan thoughts, and thanks to all my fellow performers, human and non (a la The Bwak Choir). I can’t wait to reveal what we’ve been cooking up next:)

My Materia Artist Bio – (scroll down for list of credits per album)
click on each album to go to their info page and see how to listen/buy/etc or go to full music album list 

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