GDC Whirlwind 2018

I am exhausted, but with a smile on my face, from the whirlwind of this past week at #GDC2018, Game Developers Conference in San Francisco. We successfully ran our 2nd annual IGDA Virtual, Augmented, and Mixed Realities (VAMR) SIG Roundtable (co-hosted w Pete Moss), I moderated the G.A.N.G. Sound Design Demo Derby, and co-MC’d the Game Audio Network Guild Audio Award with the fantastic Becky Allen of Popcap!

One of my greatest sadnesses was not having the ability to clone myself so I could attend the Game Audio Podcast at Sightglass every morning, and #CarouselCon at lunchtime, but I advertised to all #gameaudiogdc folk I met, and was there in spirit! ❤ and hugs to Damien Kastbauer and Matthew Marteinsson for keeping things lively and accessible for the community!

Oh.. so many reunions and hugs this week… Ran into fellow collaborators from Earplay, Pugmire, Amplify, Schell Games, Materia Collective, Dracula Radio Play, and much more… Was like MAGFest all over again, with professional accents:)

I love my #GameAudio and #vr peeps❤ Safe travels, peeps! #GameAudioGDC

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