Legendary’s “Annihilator” for Google Cardboard

And another project I worked on has shipped! I had at the pleasure of working on a super creepy #VR project, adapting Legendary’s comic series “Annihilator” for the Google Cardboard under art direction and experience designer Ben Greene and project director Tim Sweeney. Talk about a super fun audio experience, made everything from creepy breath music (yep, that’s my voice in there), to interactive cafe crowds, haunted footsteps, and a portal to a hell dimension (extra points to Tim Rosko for helping me on that one:) Also kudos to Tom Quitoni for his role as Ray Space. If you don’t have a Google Cardboard, you can also download for PC and MAC! (though I recommend the vr experience for full creep factor) iOS build for Cardboard coming soon, but you can play the Android one today! These are FREE to play, enjoy:)
Google Cardboard download
PC and Mac download

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