Help feed my flock of Bwak

Many of our The Bwak Choir (chicken choral video game choir… yes, that is not a typo) recording artists are professional musicians, and as you know the times are not kind to those of us with cancelled rehearsals, gigs, concerts, and so forth. The revenue made from each Bwak Choir track sale (and/or a Materia Collective VGM album sale which contains a Bwak Choir track) is shared amongst all performers involved. Buy a chicken track, help support a performer! Also… they’re darn funny, so if you like Muppets, video games, comedy, poultry, or just wacky choristers having a good time, take a listen and consider buying a track on Bandcamp, iTunes, Amazon, or more! Check out their list of music tracks and more on

Bwak Choir’s track and album lists and profile on Materia Collective (scroll down for roles in albums)
List of our songs on

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