Against the Moon – trailer

I am the voice of “Arx”, the narrator of this trailer for “Against the Moon” a new game by Code Heretic, coming to Steam – May 2020! “Survive in a grim, post-apocalyptic landscape where humanity is an afterthought and each choice you make could become your last.

Against The Moon is a tactical rogue-like deck-builder with endless ways to customize your strategy. Upgrade champions, scavenge supplies, and defy the tyrant moon.

Humanity has lost the future. Strange beasts have overrun earth, and the last of human civilization huddle within an ancient stronghold. We’re safe for now, but the old-tech is crumbling. Fuel is drying up. Monsters and storms beat against the walls. Somehow the Moon is behind it all. In a desperate act, we devoted the last of our resources to create the Ultori: Superhumans strong enough to brave the beyond.
Now go, with the blessings of Arx. You’re our last hope.”

Trailer on Youtube
Direct link to the trailer (hosted on Steam)

Steam Game store link w trailer and more

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