Kitty Glamour

Gotta say my favorite voice work is when I’m asked to sing as a critter. These days even though the bulk includes chickens (a la The Bwak Choir) I was recently asked to sing as a cat casino game for Serial Lab Sound(after they heard my past meowsical work for Brennan Anderson on the game “Cat Sorter VR”. Here’s my voice, meowing and purring it up, on the soundtrack for “Kitty Glamour”.(link has been fixed!) Thank you for having me, Gina What a silly world this is. Meow.

and for reference, here’s “Cat Sorter” on soundcloud too! featuring cat voices by me, Kurt Heiden, Grey Robbins and Brennan… this ones a bit crazy;)

#gameaudio #soundtrack #singing #cat

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2 Responses to Kitty Glamour

  1. The soundcloud link for is a broken link 🙁

    The others are hilarious though, great job!

  2. blackcatbonifide says:

    oooh thank you for catching that! Will fix right now, here is the link

    Thank you for following and for listening:)

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