Pugmire: Friends and Enemies

Insanely happy to announce that the “Pugmire: Friends and Enemies” an Interactive Pugmire audio adventure, based on the fantastical RPG by Eddy Webb, is finally available in the Earplay app for ios. I had a blast voicing a very hyper young puppy, cat soldiers, and a very sneaky cat spy, named “Mad One Eyed Molly”…She was a blast, especially when my direction for Molly was”like… Quark… from Deep Space Nine. Whose side is she on, the dogs or the cats? She’s on her own side.” Dive into the world of Pugmire, using your voice to guide the adventure, and find out “Are you a good dog?”

Earplay “Pugmire: Friends and Enemise” info and link page
Trailer on Youtube for project
Earplay update

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