GDC 2019 – I Have A Particular Set of Skills

On my way to San Fran to be a part of the latest iteration of “Trumpets to Transients”, our popular panel series at #GDC2019. This time we are trying something new, presenting a series of #gameaudio micro-talks.
My portion: “I Have a Particular Set of Skills” 

ie “How to Be Yourself and Let Your Background Guide You”


When: Thursday, March 21, Room 3002, West Hall, 4-5pm

Emmanuel Lagumbay (Audio Designer, Lagumbay Music)
John Robert Matz (Composer, Independent)
Bonnie Bogovich (Audio Designer, BlackCatBonifide, LLC)
Matthew Marteinsson (Sound Designer, Klei Entertainment)
Penka Kouneva (Composer, Independent)
Erika Escamez (Audio Director and Lead Sound Designer, Echtra Games, Inc.)

#sounddesign #guides #impostorsyndrome #vo #theatre #audio

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