Guest Lecturing at Berklee

Plane has landed, and I say “Helloooo, Boston!” I am in town guest lecturing at Berklee College of Music this week with fellow #gameaudio awesome lady Gina Zdanowicz. Thank you for having us! We are looking forward to sharing our industry learnings with all yinz music students and pew-pew / beep-boopers of the future!!!  View my slide deck/references from my visit.

UPDATE: Safely back in Austin after a lovely week lecturing/mentoring/speaking at Berklee College of Music with Gina Zdanowicz. Many thanks again to the wonderful faculty of the Music Tech and Film Scoring departments (Alison Plante, Michele Darling, Sean McMahon, Michael SweetLori LandayJeanine Cowen) and the “Game Audio Fund for Women Guests” for this opportunity:)

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2 Responses to Guest Lecturing at Berklee

  1. Lori Landay says:

    Can’t wait for tonight when you visit my class! We’re very excited to hear about I Expect You to Die, working in VR, how audio professionals work with the rest of the dev team, and your other projects.

  2. blackcatbonifide says:

    Thanks for having me!

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