A Fully Foley Experience in VR

Going to the HEAR Now: The Audio Fiction and Arts Festival this week? There is a “VR Arcade” section again this year, and you can hear some of my sound effects in “Your Part: “A Fully Foley VR Escapade”:  “Christopher Romero (of last year’s showcase “cVRtain”) returns to HEAR Now with Your Part! Don the VR headset and trigger the Foley sounds that accompany a short piece of play. ‘ 

Learn what Gil saw from the top of the ridge and the mysteries of those dang machines.’ Narrators needed to bring the words to life as the audience watches the events unfold. The Hills, The Farm, Factory and The Bells await your visit so hurry, don’t delay and make your way to Your Part today!” 

Get ready to get your digital hands on with digital foley ‘equipment’ including bells, shoes, doors, squeaky toys (yes, the pink pig I used for the Ruddigore radioplay is featured), and more!  Check the Hear Now schedule for ‘Virtual Reality Demo’ hours!
Hear Now Fest website
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