Aqua – an “adventure in language”

At last!!! I can finally talk about the awesome voice project I have been working on with Amplify. It’s name is “Aqua”, “a reading adventure in language, decoding and comprehension. Designed for K-2 students.” Want to try it out for yourself or with your students? Sign up for Early Access at


Some of my former coworkers from Schell Games days will remember the lovable Amplify ‘curioso’ characters from a couple years ago with the literary project “World of Lexica”. Well, they’re back, younger, and cuter than ever in “Aqua!”

It has been a joy working on the sound design, critter sounds, and voiceover (I am the voice “Alex”, your guide through the platform) for this lovely project. I can’t wait to see where we take it next! Learn more about Aqua at
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