Herding 600 Musical Cats: Materia Collective

One of the panels I am excited to be a part of this week at MAGfest is “Herding 600 Musical Cats: BTS of Materia Collective”. As herder of The Bwak Choir and co-producer and collaborator of a plethora of wacky Materia Collective creations, I am honored and excited to be on this panel:) Join us on Saturday, Jan 6th, at 2pm EST to learn how these fantastical projects come together, through triumphs, pitfalls, and happy accidents, and who knows.. maybe the next Materia Collective collaborator will be you! #gameaudio
Panelists include: Sebastian Wolff, Doug Perry, Bonnie Bogovich, Lauren Liebowitz, Emily McMillan, Stephen Froeber
Moderator: Emmanuel Lagumbay


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