SXSW Gaming – Panel on Voice Artists

Interested in voiceover #vo in #gameaudio and #gamedev? Join us tonight (Monday, December 4th) at the Capital Factory for a special panel with me, Kelley Huston, Alexander Brandon, T.J. O’Leary and moderated by Frank Coppersmith. Admission to the event is Free:)
Event Details and RSVP Signup #Austin

Photo from our SXSW Gaming panel/meetup last night at Capital Factory, where we held a panel – Using Professional Voice Actors in Your Indie Game –  “…the Austin Game Developers Association and SXSW Gaming are pleased to present an accomplished panel of voiceover artists and casting/voice directors to discuss their work and and how professional voice talent can be used to enhance your independent game development. Learn how to find and select the best voice talent for your game and how to prepare an actor-ready script. You’ll also learn tips on voice directing, so that you can get solid performances and voice content. Everyone is welcome to attend, and we especially encourage members of the voice acting community to come and meet Austin’s terrific indie game developer scene. Kelley Huston, T.J. O’Leary, Alexander Brandon, Frank Coppersmith, SXSW Gaming and Capital Factory.

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