Materia Collective is Two Years Old!

The Materia Collective’s debut album of FFVII covers (and the debut of The Bwak Choir) was our first of our many many many music collaborations. “SUCCESSOR: Final Fantasy VII Remixed” was released 2 years ago this week!!! To celebrate our success and joy, we invite you to take 20% off our entire catalog on Bandcamp with code “MATERIAWEEK”. We are adding our whole catalog to Bandcamp thru the week, so if you don’t see anything you love yet (which I doubt;) check back the next day! I bet you’ll find something you like. And if you caaaaaant wait, everything is on iTunes and Spotify already:)
Our albums now listed on Bandcamp (updated daily!)
My bio and list of track/album contributions (scroll dowwwwwn) on the Materia site.

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