Inklings finally released on the App Store!

I love it when I can finally talk about a game I did audio for:)

Ink Blott Underground, originally released “Inklings”, a mini game packaged with World of Lexica via Amplify Education and Schell Gameshas been released as a stand-alone app available on the iTunes Store. Ink Blott Underground was also featured as on the “New Apps We Love” section in the App Store this weekend!

I had a blast working on the sounds, music, and editing the creature vo (acted by the fabulous Ryan Hall) for this word puzzle game, and am happy to see that 3 years after it’s initial creation it is still making people smile!  Inklings was the recipient of a Serious Play Award in 2014.  You can get “Ink Blott Underground” on the App Store today! Watch the trailer on youtube and get more information on Touch Press Games.

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