SONG CYCLE: Cohen’s Masterpiece

Craving some insane piano and tenor music this morning? Take a listen to the vocal arrangement of “Cohen’s Masterpiece” (from the video game Bioshock) we did for Materia Collective’s “SONG CYCL: The History of Video Games” album. I had the pleasure of writing melody and lyrics for three tracks on SONG CYCLE. Visit the SONG CYCLE Materia Collective page to buy individual tracks and/or the full album PLUS we have karaoke versions of our songs too so you can sing along!

“Cohen’s Masterpiece” (from Bioshock) – on Soundcloud
vocals –  John Robert Matz
piano arrangement and performance – Joel Everett
lyrics and melody – Bonnie Bogovich
based on original music – Garry Schyman

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2 Responses to SONG CYCLE: Cohen’s Masterpiece

  1. Omer Keinan says:

    My name is Omer and I am an aspiring choreographer and performer.
    Cohen’s Scherzo is very inspiring, and I was searching for material online and on sound cloud.
    Your lyrics and vocals are fascinating, and I want to include them in the piece.
    I was hoping you could send me the lyrics, as I wasn’t able to catch them properly from the audio.
    Also, I was wondering what led you to write those lyrics as they are, layed upon such a perplexing musical composition.
    Hope to hear from you 🙂

  2. blackcatbonifide says:

    Hi Omer, haven’t heard back from you in a while. Are you still interested in adapting our lyrics? email me back happy to continue the conversation

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