Confluence 2015 panelist and performer

Looking forward to participating at Confluence: Pittsburgh’s Premier Science Fiction/Fantasy/Horror Literary Conference again this year as a panelist (“Once More, With Laughter”, filk and fandom musicians and “Women in Horror”, representing The Zombie Opera discussing women in media), doing a presentation on game audio (“Audioscapes for Created Worlds”) and brinigng a special performance of Super Smash Opera to the filk mainstage (with QA to follow). For a full list of my personal panel and music breakdown, check out this handy link (I love searchable schedules!) I also recommend checking out panels by some of my Schell Games cohorts, Super Smash Opera writers and the Zombie Opera team during the weekend too! Confluence runs July 24th-26th. Weekend passes are available online, day passes at the door. Enjoy!

PS:  The Super Smash Opera team will perform the following weekend at Replay FX: Arcade and Gaming Festival on Saturday August 1st. Replay Music Schedule

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