Broadway weekend and Game Jam wishes

This Sunday, January 27th, I am performing in a special vocal recital titled Biblical Broadway.  “The ELPC Chancel Choir section leaders will present an eclectic program of solo and ensemble works on Sunday, January 27 at 4 pm in the Chapel.”  Song selections include Godspell, Book of Mormon, Children of Eden, Lost in the Stars and The Apple Tree.  This concert is FREE though donations are appreciated.  Facebook Event link with more info

A special shout out to my comrads who are competing in this year’s Global Game Jam event.  I am sadly unable to compete this year, as the above mentioned show and connected rehearsals are happening the same weekend.  I had an awesome time last year working on teams “Grim Blaster” (music and sound) and “Creator” (art, music and sound), which tied for 2nd place Audience Choice Award.  I wish all 2013 teams the best luck and a fantastic weekend:)

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