SXSW Panelist – “Mozart to Mitsuda”

No GDC for me this year, as instead, that very same week, I will be speaking at SXSW on the panel “Mozart to Mitsuda: The Revival of the Orchestra Rests in The Hands of Gamers!” I will be helping moderate our talk, as well as representing the ‘vocal’ and ‘choral’ angle of live symphonic video game music. My fellow panelists include Eric Roth, Drew Alexander Forde, and Alyssa Menes. Panel organized and submitted by Nick Marinelli. Platinum, Music, Film and Interactive badges and Gaming Expo wristband accessible!

Our panel link is now officially on the website, and here are the details:

Are you also attending and want to connect with me thru the SXSW social application? Here’s me:

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